book launch

Pierre Coric, Edka Jarząb


Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites you to the presentation of Pierre Coric’s AA-ŻŻ publication.

Since 2018, Pierre Coric has been running a project AA-ZZZZ in which, using an algorithm he created, he assembles letters of local alphabets into several-volume publications, and then invites the audience to search for the words and meanings hidden in them.

During his residency in Warsaw, Coric created a Polish version of the book, which will be available to view and alter during a meeting with the artist at the Art Bookstore in the Ujazdowski Castle. Edka Jarząb will perform a vocal and performative interpretation of the first part of AA-ŻŻ, in reference to the legendary performances of Helena Modrzejewska, in which the actress recited the Polish alphabet in front of an American audience.

This is a participative performance, feel welcome to jump in or out of it at any moment.

These books have been made in partnership with Carl Haase, an independent designer, and publisher who brought his skills and advice to make AA-ZZZZ project possible. He runs the Antwerp based studio zero-desk edition.

Pierre Coric is a visual artist born in 1994 in Liège. Through a multiform practice mixing d.i.y. technologies, crafts, and audience participation, he investigates the processes through which meaningless elements sometimes become meaningful ensembles as well as the borders and the ties between these fluctuating states. Pierre finds his inspiration in various fields such as languages, computer sciences, electronics, textile, rivers, highways, forests, boats, bacterias,... From January to April 2020, he was an artist in residence at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art.

Edka Jarząb is a performance and sound artist. With the help of electronics, she uses her voice as a medium through which to locate and transform pre-lingual energy and traces of embodied memory. Her work has been exhibited during Pangea United at the Museum of Art in Łódź and Post-Peace in Wurrt. Kunstverein Stuttgart, as well as during the Sound and Participation symposium, the Odrathek / Musarc festival in London, and the Untraining the Ear session at SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin. She is a guest lecturer at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, at the Academy of Fine Arts ENSBA in Lyon, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She creates soundscapes for film and dance theater. In collaboration with the sound artist FOQL, she develops Mother Eart’s Doom Vibes – an improvised electroacoustic live act, in places such as the Biurze Dźwięku residency in Katowice or the Unsound festival in Krakow. She is the co-creator of Radio Kapitał in Warsaw.


  • Curator
    • Julia Harasimowicz
  • Venue
    • Art Bookstore at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Admission free. Registration
    • info@u-jazdowski.pl
  • We kindly ask audience to disinfect their hands before entering the auditorium hall, wear a face mask covering mouth and nose during the play and keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 m from other people.
  • During the performance there will be a video with dynamic lighting effects that may cause discomfort to light-sensitive viewers and affect people with photogenic epilepsy.