Caroline Claus

Urban Sound Design Studio

  • Urban Sound Design Studio workshops (June 22–July 5, 2015) will be led by Caroline Claus, currently on residency at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in the frame of the Sound of Culture–Culture of Sound project. Event is a part of the project Jazdów Archipelago.
  • Workshops
  • – What are the elements of interaction between the physical characteristics of urban context, socio-cultural environments and sonic experiences?
  • – Which tools and media can assist the analysis and evaluation of a sonic environment?
  • – What kinds of architectural and/or urban knowledge are necessary to design soundscapes?
  • – What are the limitations and shortcomings of the reviewed soundscapes? and possible future directions for addressing these challenges?
  • – How can we design public space that encourages listening? 
  • – How can one tactically carry out an urban sound design strategy?
  • Participants
  • A transdisciplinary cooperative group of designers and musicians.
  • Interests
  • Urban analysis, social engagement, acoustic city.
  • Participants will regularly exchange with experts in processes of urban transformation and the integration of sound in urban design.
The project has been co-funded within the program Creative Europe in the frame of the project Sound of Culture – Culture of Sound
Residency has been possible thanks to the financial support of the City of Warsaw.