Juan Duque

How things hold together

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to presentation of Juan Duques works resuming his 3-month artistic residency.

During his stay in Warsaw, Juan Duque organised a choreographic workshop The time and space we share together. He collaborated with Belgian choreographer and dancer Klaas Freek Devos and the Peruvian Madrid-based visual artist Jimena Kato. These collaborations led to production of what the artist calls ‘sculpture-machines; objects that can help us to learn together about the importance of the spaces that our bodies can share.

The outcomes of artists research will be presented at the Laboratory building with the intention to activate some of its architectures features. Laboratory houses the rooms for artists and curators in residence, meeting rooms, a laboratory for artistic production, storage and a technical room but also one of the most attractive venues for performance and concerts in the city. The polyvalent character of this architecture is of importance to Juan Duque. He is intrigued with how this variety of functions allows to draw different people together and how they constantly interact with each other, and with the different objects present in the building, either when they are performing or visiting, participating or just observing.

  • Exhibition at the Laboratory building
    • 10/06 (Sunday) 12:007:00 p.m.
  • Performance Im sorry it took me so long... in front of the Ujazdowski Castle
    • 10/06 (Sunday) 3:00 p.m.
  • Artist talk in front of the Laboratory building
    • soon after the performance
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