Choreographic workshop The time and space we share together

Most of the time we are not conscious of the space we create through interpersonal delimitations. In our daily life we are constantly setting different scales of personal and social spaces. Those relationships are established by the personal delimitation of the body and the reciprocal extension of the physicality of the body into the objects and other bodies around us. The space that we share with other objects and bodies is a space made of differences and adjacencies a territory that we delimitate through agreements, it creates a trans-individual zone that we cultivate but most of the time we are not conscious of its physicality.

The interpersonal space is created by a palimpsest of affects such as comfort, anxiety, fear, trust, tiredness, desire... Those affects are generated through bodily movements, consensus, body distances and body borders. Through the process of materialization of these spaces we can learn about the importance of the generation of spaces that our bodies can share together.

This choreographic workshop is prepared by Juan Duque in collaboration with Belgian choreographer Klass Freek Devos and it is a very important part of the project, which the artist is developing during his residency at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Through that action Juan Duque would like to pose a question: what is the shape of the social body created by different peoples delimitations of interpersonal spaces?

Choreographic workshop is dedicated to all interested. The main point of this activity will be to incentivize different ways of being together. There will be a task to be performed between the participants, they will have to follow a set of basic instructions in order to seat for a short while on a flat surface close to somebody they dont know yet, the activity involves the negotiation of how near or distant they can be for a short while.