The Mycological Twist

EDUCATIONAL DJ/VJ-SET · edʒu’keɪʃən(ə)l ‘di:dʒeɪ / vi:dʒeɪ sɛt

  • The Mycological Twist invites you to educate your way into fungi wisdom through multilayered tutorial videos and how to tricks. Follow the creatures of the forest into trance knowledge. Come and join them for a journey through the secrets of symbiotic living and stinky composting.  Learn the magic of mycoremediation for the earth and for your communities. Absorb as much as you can dance.
  • The Mycological Twist is a project by Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer operating both as a fixed mushroom garden and as a nomadic project, infecting and spreading mycelium alike. Since 2019 the garden is located on a balcony in Berlin. The projects initiated by the Mycological Twist can be seen as a place to investigate the cycle of deterioration and regeneration happening in zones of Dark Ecology.
    • Coined by Paul Stamets, the Mycological Twist looks at its capacity of inserting itself as a permacultural extension to an exhibition space. The underlying structure of the program is following patterns and behaviour that can be seen in the process of the garden and follows moments of inoculation, growth and harvest as key elements for events to happen. The Mycological Twist started in 2014 as an extension to Jupiter Woods’ garden, a gallery located in South Bermondsey, London. Since then, the materialization of the research results in a program of commissioned works, lectures, performances and works.
  • Event is a part of the project Plasticity of the Planet.
  • www.themycologicaltwist.info