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Queer 2 Peer Cine Club

Werker Collective

In April and May, in the ground floor of Ujazdowski Castle, the Queer 2 Peer Cine Club­ will be open for visitors. It is going to be, at the same time, an open archive, a reading room, a venue for reunions, debates, screenings, and joint work initiated by the Werker Collective.

The purpose of the club is to study what lies in between peer relations (p2p) and queer culture with the use of experimental cinematic art, media coverage analysis and togetherness. Everyone interested in those subjects can join the club and its work on a series of short amateur essay films focusing on different aspects of the queer reality: housing, reproductive work, family, labour, mass-media, sports, revolution and desire.  

One of the sources of inspiration for Werker was the creativity of Polish amateur filmmakers from the communist era, who managed to come up with their own counter-narratives by repurposing the cameras, film and editing tools offered to them in official cine-clubs organised at factories all over the country.

Unveiling of overlooked or purposefully concealed aspects of everyday political reality helps find alternative spaces in which alternative lifestyles become possible: ones which favour self-governance and self-reliance. Queer 2 Peer Cine Club­ asks questions about how we can make new use of the tools offered by capitalism, and: how filmmaking can enhance our political imagination and emphasize the presence of queer postures in our world.

Queer 2 Peer Cine Club will set up shop in "Pracownia" [Workspace], a new space in the Ujazdowski, situated next to the gallery in the ground floor, right behind the bookstore. The Werker archive will be open for visitor on four Thursdays: April 26th,  May 10th, May 17th, and May 24th, between noon and 9 p.m. On each of the four Thursdays at 7 p.m. visitors are invited to take part in open discussions completed with film screenings. Individual visits will be possible upon request and previous notice (


  • Subjects of sessions:
    • 26/04 Housing & Care Work
    • 10/05 Media & Sports
    • 17/05 Family & Labour
    • 24/05 Revolution & Desire
  • Sessions will be held in English.

Screenings include scenes of nudity and intimacy. Entrance for adults only.

Calendar of events
Queer 2 Peer Cine Club
The residency is co-financed by the Mondriaan Fund and the City of Warsaw.