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Like Father, Like Son

Odjazd Film Club meeting

  • Like Father, Like Son
    • directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, Japan 2013, 121’
  • What is the cinema of empathy? {OD-JAZD} Film Club invites you to a meeting with the work of Hirokazu Koreeda, a director with a unique skill of building on-screen empathy.
    • One day, Mr. and Mrs. Nonomiya discover that they have been raising the wrong child for six years: by mistake their son was switched at the hospital with another boy. The dramatic discovery will confront them with a series of dilemmas and emotionally difficult choices. Which decision will bring happiness to their family?
  • Hirokazu Koreeda has become known for being extremely skilful in the mechanism of transferring his protagonists’ emotions to the viewers, as well as for making it possible to understand perspectives quite different from our own experiences. In Like Father, Like Son – similar to the famous Shoplifters or last year’s Broker – the award-winning director develops his reflection on the essence of parenthood and building family relationships.
    • How does the film’s empathy-building mechanism work?
  • According to the director, what is the essence of a happy family?
    • Can Koreeda’s work be described as universal?
  • We will try to answer these and many other questions together with our club’s expert Kamil Kalbarczyk. We invite you to the screening and discussion, during which you will be able to ask questions and share your ideas on how to interpret the film, even – or especially – the most offbeat ones. What do you think Like Father, Like Son is about? We want to hear your opinion!
  • Kamil Kalbarczyk
    • Editor of the magazine Ekrany [Screens], film critic for the portal Filmweb and an experienced film education expert for children and young people. A graduate of art history, film studies and new media knowledge at the Jagiellonian University, a doctoral student at the Institute of Audiovisual Arts at the Jagiellonian University. His research focuses on issues related to the digital revolution and visual effects, as well as acting and stardom in cinema. Melodrama and musical enthusiast. A fan of Meryl Streep, dogs, Disney animations and classic Hollywood.
  • Language
    • Film in Japanese
    • Lecture and debate in Polish
  • Screening as part of Film Club {ODJAZD}.
  • Tickets 5 zł – sold out.
Like Father, Like Son