Maria Zimpel

Body and Fiction

  • When imaginary meets real
  • It is a meeting outside of the logics,
  • yet with power for creating singularities
    • Maria Zimpel record from the process

  • Dancing body is not only physical. Body is also created by embodied imagination and relationships which she/he enters. Fiction in various ways allows me to ask questions about the limits of the body, allows also to reach out to existing stories and build new ones embodied stories about relations in the body, anatomically fictitious and anatomically true. The dance here is generated by finding upon internal anatomical and spatial maps energy pathways. These pathways, awoken in corporeality, enable the body of the performer to shift into new organisms and new forms of lives.
  • Space is an environment
  • Sound is an environment
  • Light is an environment
  • Movement is an environment
    • Maria Zimpel record from the process

  • In the Body and Fiction project music, spatial object and light are successive layers of choreography. Nevertheless, they are closer to diverse environments, each of which, in its own way, extracts its own fiction. There is an exchange, between those layers and movement, provoking reciprocal relations in which the body and the dancer create a dance.