performative residencies

Other Dances & Feedback: giving and assuming form

Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, Ania Nowak, Karol Tymiński, Maria Zimpel

This is a series of creative residencies for Polish performative artists focused on the theme of alienation and exclusion. The starting point for the residents is an investigation into the creative and destructive power of the body and the potential for thinking outside dualist divisions of: us vs. stranger, man vs. woman, language vs. body, culture vs. nature or human vs. animal.

The project was realised in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance and the research team of the project Cartographies of Strangeness.

Cartographies of Strangeness is a research project that takes on board the problem of alienation and its immanent links to exclusion, aiming for an in-depth analysis in order to achieve a platform not only for a better understanding of the phenomena of strangeness‘ and alienation‘ but also to enable us to overcome these in a cultural context: on anthropological, social and political levels. An indispensable condition for the project to succeed is that we reject the separatistdualist approach, which divides theory from practice, the humanities from natural science, the arts from the sciences, the body from identity, identical from strange‘ and subject from object.