Chorus of Women

  • Magnificat is the second performance of this ensemble; in it, the Chorus of Women confronts the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary the most significant image of femininity in the Church. Magnificat is a polemical statement about the image of femininity and the role attributed to women in Polish society.
    • The performance received the main prize of the All-Polish Review of the Small Theatre Forms "KONTRAPUNKT 2012 in Szczecin and the prize for the best performance of the International Theater Festival "MESS" in Sarajevo. Presented by the Chorus of Women: Magnificat and Requiemachine, which were shown during the well-known festival "Foreign Affairs" in Berlin in 2014. In 2013, a review of the entire work of the Chorus of Women took place at the "Sens Interdits" festival in Lyon and at the "Malta Festival" in Poznań.
  • "The Chorus of Women loudly, intelligently and with a sense of humor lends a voice to women, who do not want to be reduced to their own corporeality and who are not willing to act out the ideas of others. This woman, of course, is the shaman Górnicka. It is her voice, amplified by vocal performers on the stage like during a rock concert that bravely and mercilessly demolishes the chauvinistic foundations of our native culture. Recitations, chants, whistling, and cheers create a sensational oratorio, written with great imagination for twenty-five a cappella voices." (Mirosław Kocur, Kobiety jako ludzie (Women as People), "Teatr," 9/2011)
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    • Krzysztof Krzysztofiak
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