About the performing arts programme at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

  • Over recent decades, relational artists have arrived on the scene and with them, the definition of performance has changed. We are interested in the performance, against the backdrop of new technologies and the transformations occurring in the practices of artists due to the impact of live art being presented in gallery spaces. Within these parameters, we want to examine the changes taking place in the traditional exhibition format, which has of late taken a back seat in favour of hybrid forms that link the visual arts with the performative arts, literature and music. We will reflect on the changing role of the viewer, who ever more frequently becomes a performer and active participant. We will also analyse the role of the performers body and the work that is involved in extended performative exhibitions.

    • The programme created by the Ujazdowski will examine performative turn in visual arts and its consequences for art institutions, as well as artistic and curatorial practices. One of the themes is related to exploring the local history of the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, with its rich tradition of experimentation at the interface of the visual arts and theatre and the tradition of a ‘performing institution.

  • We organise performative exhibitions, performance evenings, choreographic performances, workshops, performative education, artistic residencies and music programme under the Performing Arts Department at Ujazdowski.