Jay Tan and Geo Wyeth

You come in here, giving it all this

  • A live layering of two voices, in a series of familial entanglements, rolling, strutting, and flapping through a circular evening of household chores with a copy machine, a computer monitor, A3 paper sheets, and the on and off blaring of our bedtime stories X Factor, Eurovision, America‘s Got Talent, The Voice. Jay Tan and Geo Wyeth use the learned survival techniques of high achieving, talented children to unpack our relationships to talent, excellence, and mastery. The artists will also engage family history, dream narrative, scientific research, and historical analysis, in an exchange of queer intimacy.
  • Jay Tan and Geo Wyeth
    • Jay Tan makes sculpture, performance, sound and video. She grew up in South London during the eighties, assuming most heads of state were female. She believes in domestic ornament as an active politics and makes work with a soft spot for mechanics. He lives and works in the Netherlands.
    • Geo Wyeth seamlessly combines music, installation and performance. His creative worlds are rooted in the queer aesthetics of the American DIY punk performance, ad-libbing and poetry. He often employs voices of figures derived from popular culture, his family, local community or his own imagination. He lives and works in the Netherlands.

Film by Jakub Polakowski

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