Jeremy Wade

Between Sirens

  • Jeremy Wades latest work, titled Between Sirens, is a black comedy. Its also his ongoing research into the lack of care in a world that has increasingly become a drone of untenable violence, environmental degradation, and heightened economic abstraction. Between Sirens is a call to arms in response to the brutalizing neo-liberal agendas of self-optimization, self-improvement, and personal training in order to prove ones worth and survive the constant call for self-exploitation. We present Between Sirens, a political fictional, a fleeting spatial and temporal zone, a broken TV show, a mourning ritual, a political movement, a how-to guide for those who need to reenact forms of support that have been lost, and a machine for reproducing everything a person could possibly need in order to feel loved and cared for. The “tools and techniques we present optimize ones chance of surviving alone in a world where care and support systems are a thing of the past. In what seems to be a never ending global chorus of crisis, we offer a little pause, an oasis if you will, for those in need of a little support, join us, Between Sirens.
  • Performance
    • Olympia Bukkakis
    • Mmakgosi Kgabi
    • Jeremy Wade