Alex Cecchetti
Tamam Shud,
episode 3

Nuovo Mondo: Tour Guide of Heaven and Hell

  • Dear William,
  • We have done as you said, and instead of sailing from east to west we went from up here to down there. The passage exists. We have reached the shores of what we think it is a new world. I write you from here. The great excitement is not about the exotic things we may find, but the certitude we now have that for every new world discovered at least two passages exist. Everything is connected to here and from here.
  • Nuovo Mondo: Tour Guide of Heaven and Hell‘ is the third episode in Alex Cecchetti‘s ongoing artist‘s novel, Tamam Shud. It is also is a performative seminar on poetry, a walk through the concentric circles that descend and ascend through the building of the Królikarnia Palace in Warsaw.
    • Alex Cecchetti accompanies the public through these narrow passages where artists embody poems. With poems by Charles Simic, Dante, Diane di Prima, Elizabeth Bishop, Giorgio Caproni, James Tate, Nicanor Parra, Sandro Penna, William Blake and Bill Knott, among others. What is hell for many can be heaven for some.
  • Drawing in header
    • Alex Cecchetti

Third episode of Alex Cecchetti's artist's novel

with Tim Etchells and Ola Maciejewska

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