Alex Cecchetti
Tamam Shud,
episode 5

Walking Backwards

A tree after another, the story of this garden and its plants is revealed, till it merges with yours. When you walk backwards, the future is on your back, and the past is longing in the distance in front of you, insisting on the horizon. You can mostly tell it goodbye. And if youll hit a branch with your head, or gently a flower will caress your hand, suddenly will arise the indisputable fact that images do not come from light, as we dream with eyes closed.


  • The performance Walking Backwards will take place at the Botanic Garden of the University of Warsaw, near the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. One by one, people will be invited to literally walk backwards into a narrative path. A guide will lead the spectator, his voice whispering in her ear telling stories of the place and the fantastic anecdotes inspired by it. The guide‘s voice will be superimposed on the images that will gradually appear in the spectator‘s visual field as she will be advancing backwards.
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