Alex Cecchetti
Tamam Shud,
episode 4

Reading the Unwritten

The world is not a text, neither an algorithm, said kimono man, and the interpreter is always a liar. But how beautiful are the promises of a kiss, under starry chariots in the sky. Now, take a card, he said.

Episode 4 is a new instalment in Alex Cecchettis ongoing artists novel, Tamam Shud. It is also a two-part event. Firstly, David Maroto and Joanna Zielińska (The Book Lovers) will open with a theoretical introduction to artist's novels. Writer and curator Francis McKee, who recently published his first novel, Even the Dead Rise Up (Book Works, 2017), will join them in a public discussion about how to situate the practice of artist's novels in the field of the visual arts.

The programme continues with Alex Ceccheti. A new chapter of Tamam Shud will be written in a live performance by means of a tarot card reading. Whilst writing is a process that normally happens out of public view, in the solitude of the writers studio, Alexs art project renders this process visible. The production of the narrative is conceived as an event where writing is exposed and interwoven with the artistic process.

I am dead. Murder, accident, suicide, detectives havent found anything relevant, my identity is still unknown and I, also, dont remember much. This is why I have decided to consult a tarot reader. My past is as endless and unknown as my future used to be.

The Book Lovers are also displaying their complete artists novels collection, thanks to the generous support of the M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp). More than 460 titles will be available for public perusal during Episode 4. Afterwards, the collection will remain at the library of the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art until the end of May. Each week, a different selection will be highlighted at the Centres lobby: sci-fi artists novels, Polish artists novels, artists novels written by female artists, collectively written artists novels, and much more.


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