Kateryna Botanova

Institution as curator: Foundation CCA and the flexing history of Ukrainian art

When in the beginning 2000‘s Soros Centers for Contemporary Art that were the stirring points for the contemporary art development in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe started to close done, it seemed that the same fate is inevitable for the CCA in Kiev. After the end of Soros financing and general financing crisis came the end of 15-years rent agreement for the 18th century gallery at the National University Kiev-Mohyla Akademy.

Without space and without money, the question was - is there still a need for a non-commercial art center? Why, how and for whom should it work? What kind of institution should the new Foundation CCA be in Ukrainian art context of late 2000s that was (and still is) driven exclusively by private money, big institutions and quazi-commercial galleries? And is it really an institution or rather a collective curator in constant flux?


  • Kateryna Botanova
    • cultural critic and researcher, curator, director of the Foundation Center for Contemporary Art, chief editor of Korydor.in.ua online critical journal.