spatial artistic installation


Małgorzata Gurowska, Krystyna Jędrzejewska-Szmek, Anna Siekierska

  • How to describe a tree? Well, you can name its species, assess its health and age. One of the basic parameters that is usually used is the diameter at breast height (DBH), measuring the circumference of the trunk at a height of 130 centimeters above the ground, i.e. at chest level of the average adult human. Foresters use this size to assess the number of steres of wood that can be obtained from a hectare of forest. DBH is also used by dendrologists who choose trees to be protected as monuments of nature.
    • The rings of selected trees in City Garden Jazdów will have colorful bands placed on them, soft rings, on which excerpts from the inventory report of greenery in the area surrounding the Ujazdowski Castle will be placed. All the trees were cataloged in the report in terms of diseases, losses and developmental abnormalities in order to prepare and carry out care treatments. In many cases, this unfortunately means removing the tree. The authors of the project conquered the hermetic language of a dendrological analysis and treated it as a kind of pattern poetry.
  • The green color of their rings is not accidental it refers to the green plaques of nature monuments, even though the materials printed on them treat the tree as a source of danger rather than something of aesthetic and natural value. Above all, however, these rings have a cognitive function; they familiarize the users of this space with the multitude of trees and shrubs species found on the small patch of green around Ujazdowski. By drawing attention, visitors are more likely to approach them and notice their presence. From a long-term perspective, the placement of these rings creates a large-scale spatial drawing, which will also be presented in the form of a map.
Co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw
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