Wojciech Grudziński i Aleksandra Osowicz

Interspecies Performance

  • Gardens were and are the theatrum of nature itself, whichno matter what functions it performsis exhibited in them for show [...]." Every living organism residing in them is in a sense an actor. As a whole, however, gardens as space-time, dynamic formations have a performative structure, whose components are both human and non-human beings, activities as well as processes. They form a network of dependencies in which man and nature define each other, interacting with each other.
    • Mateusz Salwa, Estetyka ogrodu. Między sztuką a ekologią [Garden Aesthetics. Between Art and Ecology], Officyna, Łódź 2016, p. 139.
  • Wojciech Grudziński and Aleksandra Osowicz are liberating the roles of human and non-human performers from the self-regulating garden scripts and deem themselves performers appearing before an auditorium of plants and animals. This performance will take place inside City Garden Jazdów and will allow the artists to see the world from the point of view of the other organisms inhabiting this area. Through this action, art will most certainly acquire fans from other species, but humans are also welcome to attend. 
  • Partners: Krzywa Kreska, Lokal Dela Krem, Centrum w Ruchu
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Co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw
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