Round 2

  • 01/07/2017

  • 12:00 p.m. (noon)

  • Parkour JAM

    • There will be a chance to meet the representatives of the movement in a variety of forms. We will be visited by those who love natural movement, animal flow as well as parkour and freerun. We will find new possibilities in our bodies, in the most primitive movement that exists natural motion. We will move on the ground, we will push, balance, and we will also examine how precise our body can actually be in complex motion. Workshops for ages 6 and up.

  • Plan of events

    • 11:4512:00 Gathering of the participants for the workshops. 

    • 12:0012:15 What is movement and exercise? Introduction before the workshops.

    • 12:1512:20 Division into groups

    • 12:2002:00 1st block of workshops with grouping

    • 02:0003:00 Animated training with challenges and fitness games / Gathering for the 2nd block of workshops

    • 03:0004:00 2nd block of workshops with grouping


  • Conducted by

  • Parkour United Foundation


  • Admission is free

  • No prior registration is required


  • 10:00 p.m.

  • Summer Cinema

  • The Pistol Shrimps, directed by Brent Hodge, USA 2016

    • The Pistol Shrimps, Shecago Bulls, Traveling Pants, Princess Lay-Ups are all names of basketball teams, amateur, women's basketball leagues operating in California. Even though the entirety is reminiscent of a joke, and the players on the Pistol Shrimps are largely comics, actresses, and girls involved in the entertainment industry, the fight and the rivalry are quite serious. For Aubrey Plazy, a comedy film and television star as well as for her teammates, this is a way to abreact from the stresses of show business, as one actress says she's playing to win. From this bold documentary, we can see that the problems of the first world can be just as real.

  • Admission is free

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