Talk by artist Kelly Jazvac

as part of the project Plasticity of the Planet

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to a talk by Kelly Jazvac in the space of Human-Free Earth exhibition. The artist will present her work and talk about plastiglomerates – a new geological phenomenon, which is a fusion of plastic and stone that are part of the exhibition.

Kelly Jazvac, born in 1980 in Canada, lives and works in London. In 2013, together with the geologist Patricia Corcoran and the oceanographer Charles Moore carried out research on the inaccessible Kamilo beach in Hawaii. The team explored a new geological phenomenon: the substance formed by the fusion of melted plastic with sand, stone and other objects found on the beach. They named this mass plastiglomerate in order to show the paradox that this geological artefact represents. The artist proposed to interpret them as readymades and she exhibits them as art works. Both Jazvac and the scientists that she collaborated with agree that this fossil should be viewed as an anthropogenic marker of the new geological era that we are living in – the Anthropocene.


admission free of charge
participants meet in the foyer
meeting in English