Performance Class:
The Proposal

Dana Chmielewska
Ryosuke Imamura
Aleksandra Klimczak
Dominika Olchowik
Gabriella Novak
Aneta Spirydowicz

Performance Class is part of 23 Assemblies  Maja Bekans exhibition. It is a constructed situation grounded in Bekans installation an actual artists studio that is developing through activities of an interdisciplinary group of participants working to create an artistic proposals for Oleandrów Square in Warsaw. 

  • The Proposal
    • Dana Chmielewska
      • Notes from the class

      • I​nk on paper

        • Notes on experiences from Performance Class
          (work amid the exhibition space)

      • Nutrition for the imagination

      • Movement residency at Oleandrów Square 

        • ​A movement residency. An ongoing performative action on Oleandrów Square that will take place daily from April 29th to May 3rd, between the hours of 10 a.m.  6 p.m. This artistic residency in the public space is oriented towards imagining a new layer of meanings. The residency towards the creation of the right conditions will lead to the growth of new mythologies and new, mutual memories. Everyone can join. Everyone can propose an action, a conversation or even a lunch.


    • Ryosuke Imamura

      • Filling the empty ground around the empty pedestal

      • Installation amid the exhibition space 

        • The work, consisting of drawings and an installation, inside the exhibition space is intrinsically related to the artists proposal a garden with flowers blooming during all the different seasons of the year for Oleandrów Square. There, the artist would like to create a garden around the pedestal, which is to remain empty, but will instead be filled with the fragrance of flowers. Seasonal changes are related to the sensations of appearing and disappearing.  The sense of smell is most particularly tied to our own personal memory. The exhibition space will host drawings of these propositions sticky notes drenched in aromas.


    • Aleksandra Klimczak

      • #AssembliesSonata

      • A sound installation amid the exhibition space

        • ​An audio art piece focused on questions regarding the soundscapes of public spaces and the assemblies within them. How far is sound from music? How far from hearing to listening?

      • Singing Machine

      • A performance amid the exhibition space 

        • The work is based on interaction and contact between the audience and the artist.
          Do you want me to sing, whatever you want? Write it down. And I will.


    • Dominika (Mika) Olchowik

      • Shared element

      • Performance amid the exhibition space (15 min.) 

        • The performance is based on reading the first chapter of the paradoxological novel Shared element (by Mika Olchowik), which refers to the functioning of the sculpture Kazik Nude Boy by Alfons Karny in a public or exhibition space. The work will consist of a presentation of sketches/drawing/notes/illustrations.


    • Gabriella Novak

      • Projekt publiczny

      • Documentation (photographs, actions, interviews) 

        • A space in itself whether physical or psychological becomes here the subject matter. In my documentation, I draw into focus the dynamics of different representations and social structures through research and artistic actions. During the planned action, I will  animate a sculpture and allow it to perform for us in this common space. What is a temporal sculpture? What is private space and what is public space?


    • Aneta Spirydowicz

      • The workshop Of the Senses and Sculptures

      • Drama workshop 

        • The workshop Of the Senses and Sculptures is based on drama exercises, which will be divided into a few sections: corporal, dynamic, a section combining memory, emotion and imagination and the last one a sculptural section.

  • The proposals will be on view
    • 27/0403/05/2017
  • Presentation of The Proposal to the Oleandrów Association and the public
    • 28/04 (Friday), 4:00 p.m.


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Performance Class: The Proposal