Bôłt Records

Ewa Liebchen
Hubert Zemler
​Szábolcs Esztényi
Miłosz Pękala

  • The independent music scene is one of the most fascinating artistic, economic, and cultural phenomena in Polish contemporary art. Independent record labels and the artists associated with them form distinct visions of musical experiments from the bottom-up, and for the most part, without institutional support. This dynamically developing marvel is a counter-proposal to institutionalized culture and the commercial music market. The {Record Labels} project means to show and spread the creative phenomena and attitudes reflecting the evolution and the state of Polands independent scene. It is a kind of confrontation between tradition and modernity, presenting a broad spectrum of musical genres, as well as practices and performance techniques.
  • Bôłt Records
    • The label was founded in 2008 as a medium for experimental music practices in Eastern Europe, generating a phonographic renaissance of long forgotten or never even discovered phenomena of the epoch of pioneer electroacoustic studios and radio art. They have been inspiring the recent expansions of these ideas in cooperation with artists of the younger generation. Their goal is to search for the common denominator in the unconventional achievements of 20th century avant-garde and the experimental explosion of our age.

Artur Zagajewski’s premiere of "Composition arithmétique" is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
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