Marta Ziółek

A Seance with Pamela

  • A Seance with Pamela takes place in front of the camera and on camera. The eponymous Pamela is an intermedia presence, who plays with representations of karaoke culture. In her world, there appear masked figures that allude to images of ecstatics, fallen saints, jesters and legendary cyberpunk characters. Pamelas world conjures up the zest for ritual and the unearthliness of the corporeal and ecstatic experience.
    • Pamela is a spectral being, in keeping with contemporary concepts of the New Ritual, based on capitalist fears of losing control over capital. Her ‘presence has provided a starting point for the project by Marta Ziółek a series of performative actions. Depending on the location and space, it is based on constant transformation of the formula of the performance. The project has had two editions to date: Pamela at the Gallery / as part of the exhibition Better Self (Zachęta August 2017, curator: Magda Komornicka) and Is It Pamela/Incarnations (Łódź of Four Cultures Festival September 2017).
  • Director / choreography
    • Marta Ziółek
  • Dramaturgy
    • Joanna Ostrowska
  • Visualizations
    • Rafał Dominik
  • Music
    • Lubomir Grzelak
  • Costumes
    • Agata Mickiewicz
  • Fabric design
    • Aleksandra Misztur
  • Lights
    • Aleksandr Prowaliński
  • Singing
    • Olga Myslowska
  • Performers
    • Hana Umeda, Wojciech Grudziński, Katarzyna Wolińska, Olga Mysłowska, Marta Ziółek, Beata Bąk
  • Fragments of Twin Peaks, directed by David Lynch and Mark Frost and Santa Sangre directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky are used in performance