Obieg 2021 Reader

Culture Wars
Beauty at the Gates

  • Obieg 2021 Reader contains a selection of 2021 texts published online on
    • Obieg is a quarterly magazine about culture and contemporary art associated with the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, published (printed) since 1987 and now available at Issues published online throughout 2021 combined different storytelling formulas and provided new links between the fields of art, culture, and society, dissecting and challenging the current state of global contemporary art.
  • The reader features 32 theoretical texts, critical essays, and artworks initially published online as part of three thematic issues:
    • Culture Wars (No. 16/21), on the nature and predicaments of contemporary cultural tensions
    • Beauty at the Gates (No. 17/21), on the meaning, scope, ethics, and limitations of beauty
    • Collections (No. 18/21), on the values and needs of museum, private and art gallery collections
  • Editor-in-Chief

    • Piotr Bernatowicz


  • Managing Editor

    • Jan Tarnas


  • Editorial Board

    • Marcel Skierski, Jarosław Denisiuk, Beata Łupińska-Rytel


  • Contributors

    • Alexander Adams, Piotr Bernatowicz, Mariusz Bryl, Jarosław Denisiuk, Piotr Paweł Drozdowicz, Frank Furedi, bp Michał Janocha, Janusz Janowski, Paweł Jasiewicz, Janusz Kapusta, Piotr Kletowski, Piotr Kopszak, Leon Krier, Jon Eirik Lundberg, Zbigniew Jan Mańkowski, Sławomir Marzec, Mirza Mehakovic, Jan Michalski, František Mikš, Łukasz Murzyn, James Panero, Elżbieta Przyłuska, Marcel Skierski, Christine Sourgins, Michał Szymański, Jan Tarnas, Joanna Winnicka-Gburek

  • Texts in Polish and English
  • Format 210 x 280 mm, 296 pages
  • Paperback
  • ISSN No.1732-9795
  • Publisher: Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw 2022