Diary 2021

Edited by Marianna Dobkowska, Julia Harasimowicz

Diary is a handy calendar and planner published each year by the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. Diary 2021 was created in collaboration with artists who were on residence at the Ujazdowski Castle in 2020. It also includes contributions from the artists who couldn’t actually visit Warsaw (or had to postpone travels due to COVID-19 pandemic). Diary is a space where all of us, although only symbolically, were able to meet. 2021's theme is 'presence'. On one hand, we associate it with physical contact and face-to-face conversations that we all craved for in 2020, on the other, we can understand it as spiritual support, the intimacy that we all need. 'Presence' is also the 'here and now' that we are must focus on while the future of our actions is shrouded in fog.

  • The publication was prepared by the Ujazdowski Residencies team

  • Editors: Marianna Dobkowska, Julia Harasimowicz

  • Graphic design: Krzysztof Bielecki

  • All texts are in English

  • Format 150 × 93 mm, 232 pages

  • Publisher: Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

  • Warsaw 2020


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