Diary 2023

Edited by Marianna Dobkowska, Julia Harasimowicz

The Diary is a pocket calendar and planner published every year by the residencies team at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in collaboration with the institution’s artists-in-residence. Themed The Gift, this issue was inspired by the informal networks of support and knowledge exchange that have proved so important this year. The editors, Marianna Dobkowska and Julia Harasimowicz, were guided by the idea that, as global crises overlap, it is becoming a matter of urgency to search for ways of coexistence that are based on generosity and mutuality rather than exploitation. We realise what we can learn from each other and from the planet, what we can share with others and what we can cultivate in this process of giving and receiving. We understand how important it is to introduce elements of the gift economy to our everyday life. Perhaps this way we will succeed in bringing about changes in the systems that constrain and encumber us.

The publication features works by 18 Ujazdowski residents from 2022. Created especially for the Diary, these are drawings, photographs and texts relating to help groups, ecology, practice and idea exchange, and to collaboration that overcomes linguistic and geographical barriers.

  • Artists: Kateryna Aliinyk, Paloma Ayala, Ju Bellard and Iris Petit, Maja Demska, Krystyna Jędrzejewska-Szmek, Dongwan Kam, Maryna Marinichenko, Lesia Khomenko, Kateřina Konvalinová, Yulia Kostereva, Daniel Kotowski, Stefania Lozynska, Dorota Jagoda Michalska, Dan Perjovschi, Vladyslav Riaboshtan, Michelle Woods, Jaśmina Wójcik and Marta Wódz
  • Editors: Marianna Dobkowska, Julia Harasimowicz
  • Graphic design: Krzysztof Bielecki
  • Coordination: Sabina Winkler-Sokołowska
  • Translation: Marcin Wawrzyńczak
  • Proofreading: Nick Faulkner
  • Format 150 x 93 mm, 248 pages
  • ISBN 978-83-67203-07-4
  • Published by Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Warsaw 2022