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Obieg No. 11: Hosting the Other

  • In the world of art, the theme of hospitality is generally viewed in the context of institution-curator-artist or institution-viewer relationships. Curators invite artists to collaborate and provide them with appropriate conditions to present their work; institutions invite the public to view exhibitions. Museums are meant to be user-friendly and open to viewers and their needs, in a word: hospitable. The emphasis is on enabling contact with art on accessibility. Residency programs, which often invite artists to an artistic sojourn of a few months duration, reverse this order. They are not oriented toward the work of art but rather direct contact with the artist, on in-depth work.
    • The new issue of Obieg is focused on hospitality. It draws on the experience of curatorial practice that has been steadily developed in the residency program of Ujazdowski Castle since 2004. The point of departure is, however, on the microscale activity the everyday practice of hospitality, with the attendant self-questioning of how to remain hospitable in a contemporary world in which the idea of multi-culturalism is being questioned, and the migration crisis and new geopolitical divisions are leading to an increasingly nationalist mood. On the macroscale, the concept of hospitality involves a shift in our perception so that we view ourselves as guests on a planet that we do not look after well enough as is evident from, to take just one example, the current crisis in waste management. Does art have at its disposal the tools to make it possible to take a stand in this matter?
  • Obieg is a bilingual online magazine devoted to art and culture. It appears in four thematic issues a year, available online free of charge, in Polish and English. It combines critique, in-depth theoretical texts, non-academic investigations, essays, and images.
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    • Marianna Dobkowska, Krzysztof Gutfrański, Anna Ptak, Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka, Agnieszka Sosnowska
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