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Obieg No. 9: News from Elsewhere

Edited by Krzysztof Gutfrański and Witalij Strigunkow

  • In the latest issue Vitalij Strigunkov together with Krzysztof Gutfrański propose a look into the future. The starting point for the 9th issue of Obieg is a hypothetical situation in which Poland and Lithuania and the nation states at all no longer exist. How can the world change in the face of acceleration capitalism and information revolution? Is it possible to renew our understanding of the future and under what conditions it might be possible to speculate about new opportunities?
    • News from Elsewhere propose the merge of futurology and realism of fiction. The works and writings of invited authors are related to different concepts of statehood. The authors are also actively connected to both countries and firmly grounded in the geography of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Obieg is a quarterly magazine on art and culture, providing an interface for combining different narrative formulas with cutting-edge networking outside of the dominant art hubs. Obieg appears in four thematic issues a year, available online free of charge, in bilingual versions: Polish and English. It documents the present state of "global contemporary" art by combining critique and in-depth theoretical texts with non-academic investigations, essays, and images.
  • Obieg no. 9 contributors
    • Marijuš Antonovič, Miglė Bareikytė and Viktorija Rusinaitė, Bryan Bradley, Eglė Rindzevičiūtė, Gregory Simons,  among others.
  • www.obieg.u-jazdowski.pl/

Cover photo: Vitalij Strigunkov, News from Elsewhere. Courtesy of the artist

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