Slavs and Tatars
Mouth to Mouth

Edited by Pablo Larios

The first monograph of the Slavs and Tatars presents their most important works, publications and performative lectures and covers the activities of the collective since its inception in 2006. Slavs and Tatars is an artistic tandem operating in the area between the former Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China. It carries out research on the identities, beliefs and languages of people living in the arena of a clash of empires (Ottoman, Russian, Persian), imperialist interests (Western countries) and ideologies (communism, political Islam, capitalism). In the history of cultures in this area, they find the power of resistance, which works even when succumbing to overwhelming influence. They call themselves ‘archaeologists of everyday life.



  • Texts: Sussan Babaie, Jörg Heiser, David Joselit
  • Graphic design by Heimann + Schwantes
  • Texts in English
  • 244 mm x 325 mm, 232 pages
  • Hardcover
  • Colourful illustrations
  • ISBN 978-3-96098-070-4
  • Published by Slavs and Tatars, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, and Koenig Books
  • Distribution by Buchhandlung Walther König, Corner Publications Ltd., D.A.P. / Distributed Art Publishers
  • London 2017
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