Zbigniew Libera 
Art of Liberation: A Press Study 19882018

Vol. 1: 19881997

What was Polish critical art? What were the emotions that surrounded the exhibitions presented at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art? What can press materials tell us about an artist’s life? We will find answers to these questions in the first of the three volumes of Art of Liberation. Press Study 19882018, a monumental project by Zbigniew Libera. Volume one, spanning the years 19881997, is due out in October 2019; the following two volumes (19982007 and 20082018) in 2020.

An authorial selection of press texts, an art book, a work of and on journalism and criticism, a documentation of an artist’s activities and of the transformations of Polish art institutions a press study of Zbigniew Libera’s thirty years’ practice sheds light not only on his figure, but also on the art world itself, as seen against the background of social changes in transformation-era Poland.

The three-volume publication is a compilation of Polish and international press articles on Zbigniew Libera’s work. We will find out what were the main topics of the art-world discourses, what stirred the greatest controversy, and who was the critics’ darling. Indirectly, the clippings will offer insight into the condition of Polish art criticism and art institutions.

  • Publication concept by Zbigniew Libera

  • Introduction by Dorota Monkiewicz

  • Texts in Polish, English, German, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch

  • Graphic design by Kalina Możdżyńska

  • Format 240 x 277 mm, 344 pages

  • Softcover, sewn-glued binding

  • ISBN: 978-83-65240-61-3

  • Published by the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

  • Warsaw 2019