Open Studio

Open studio gives us a chance to meet the artist while s/he is creating. Visual artists, performers, and musicians leave their studios and transform the Laboratorium building into a radio station, fashion factory, a screen. Each of the eleven artists participating in the three-hour-long action works in different medium: the body, video, sound, costume-sculpture, space. Their artistic activities break through the limitations of the black interior of a theatre, and the white space of a gallery.
It will also be possible to meet the artists, who currently live and work in the Ujazdowski Castle, in person during meetings moderated by curators-residents, but also completely informally during a late breakfast prepared by the Szczotki i Pędzle café.

Artists: Gwen van den Eijnde (FR/ NL), The Evolution Control Committee (US), Stanislav Genadiev & Violetta Vitanova (BG), Antje Kalus (DE), Tamas Kaszas (HU), Dagmar Keller & Martin Wittwer (DE) and Martha Kirszenbaum (FR/ US), Johan Lundh (SE).


  • During the Open Studio we will be watching and listening to:
  • Radio Lab Experiment  a radio programme created live by The Evolution Control Committee, prepared in co-operation with the a-i-r laboratory residents and staff. The programme will be broadcast in the CSW surroundings, with radio receivers creating an installation transgressing the boundaries of the building.
  • Występy by Gwen van den Eijnde  transforming characters with costumes-sculptures. Outfits made by the artist a costume-creator and performer produce scenery which engages the viewers in a piece of extraordinary fiction. New costumes were made during the residency inspired by sarmatism, folk cut-outs; using surprising combinations of fabrics and materials.
  • Unison by Antje Kalus. This performance is an experiment, transforming a couple of persons into an aesthetically defined group. The artist, working from the point where architecture, fashion, and visual arts meet, refers to a question that persists in her practice: about the nature of relationship between uniformity and individualisation; she studies our perception of tension between those states in time and space.
  • Choreographers and dancers, Stanislav Genadiev and Violetta Vitanova will be showing elements of their work-in-progress a fragment of their new dance spectacle in which they are trying to deconstruct the movement of the back the largest part of human body exploring its boundaries and deformations, and in consequence arriving at an unusual visual experience.
  • Video projects of Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer (Germany) and Tamas Kaszas (Hungary). Pieces shown are parts of larger projects. During the artistic action on Sunday they will occupy the screening surfaces available in the building.
  • Real World Theater  (Closed for Remodelling) II by a German duo is a precise, hypnotic work with music of Andrew Hamilton; referring to the experience of the cinema and theatre, it postpones endlessly the moment of completion, turning the spectators expectations into a screen of his own projections.
  • Instead of the security surveillance cameras images, we will see a screening of a work by a Hungarian artist. Utopia Generator plays with iconography of socialist emblems.
  • A discussion forum lead by the curators-residents Martha Kiszenbaum (USA/ France) and Johan Lundh (Sweden) will provide a chance to talk with the artists after, during, or before their presentations.
  • The entrance is free. Late Sunday breakfasts provided by Szczotki i Pędzle café available by payment.
Open Studio
Open Studio
Residencies are organized in cooperation with Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito; Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart; Landeshaupstadt Kulturamt, Dusseldorf; Location One, Nowy Jork.
Support: Trust for Mutual Understanding, Visegrad Fund, Kingdom of the Netherlands.
This programme is co-finanaced by the City of Warsaw in the frames of the competition for the title European Capital of Culture 2016.