Stachu Szumski

Prognosis for the era of postthermomodernization

  • Stachu Szumski
    • was born in 1992 in Gdańsk. He holds an undergraduate degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in the Faculty of Media Art in Warsaw and is currently represented by the Polana Institute. From 2013 to 2016, the artist collaborated with V9 Gallery and the Vlepvnet Foundation. Co-creator of the Nomadic State project. Szumski has participated in numerous exhibitions and projects, including: Late Polishness at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw; Tajsa at the BWA Tarnów Gallery; OUT OF STH Biennale of Urban Art organized by the BWA in Wrocław; Indias First Biennale of Contemporary Art in Fort Kochi, India; the Der Regionen Festival in Linz, Austria. His work is multifaceted, from conceptual-interactive activities, in which he critically looks at first world countries devoid of folklore aesthetics (Nomadic State project, together with Karolina Mełnicka), to purely intuitive visual practices.

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Stachu Szumski
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