Bracia [Brothers]

Not too shabby

  • What do Brothers do when no one is looking?
    • They are not going to invite just anybody to their game; it has no place for haste or imposition. No playing around with contests, races or prizes.
  • Agnieszka Klepacka and Maciej Chorąży, very peculiar twins indeed. In their surreal compositions, they give life to familiar objects, involving them in a parade of weirdness and ridicule. These objects reveal their hidden nature: glass melts like ice, a podium refuses to participate in a festival of hierarchies, Martin Creeds works are at the same time not his works.
    • One could think that this is just a school prank, and the rascals who played it are standing there, hands over their grinning mouths. But nothing could be further from the truth. Brotherhood, the artists term from the title, is also a consistently followed idea. They are not interested in contemporary rivalry, the rigid limits of authorship or conventions that others would perhaps to like to clad them in. They make their costumes from waste, cook chicken legs, investigate satanic tattoos. Everything is the wrong way, inside out and upside down.
  • The subversive content and the aesthetics of Brothers bring one out of the everyday, its monotony and pompousness. On seeing weeping glasses, the podium starts dancing with happiness (Or is it moved? Or, perhaps, relieved to lose its mindfulness?). A familiar concrete roller crushes flat everything it meets on its way, like in a cartoon. Wild creepers race each other on Persian rugs. Martin Creeds neon lights make up a larger installation, an equation in which the sum of Things and Feelings are Brothers.
    • The artists have made use of the Ujazdowski collection, of the plastic ready-mades and complicated mechanical solutions. They light up neon lights which are not theirs, violate rules of orthography, rescale the classical white cube, and roll up ionic snails from duvets. They laugh and scream: now, thats fun! Chaos is the order! Failure is victory!
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    • Michał Grzegorzek
  • Following art works by Martin Creed are presented at the exhibition: Work no. 236 (FEELINGS) and Work no. 325 (THINGS). Courtesy the artist and Houser & Wirth Zurich London.
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Bracia [Brothers]
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